Uniform Law Foundation

Please visit the Uniform Law Foundation website: www.uniformlawfoundation.org


The Uniform Law Foundation is dedicated to the guiding principle that uniformity of state law, on all subjects where uniformity is desirable and practicable, contributes to the general welfare of the citizens of the United States (1) by facilitating commerce, (2) by increasing understanding of and respect for the laws of the states and (3) by assisting the citizens of the states in their pursuit of the benefits of a free society.

In furtherance of its guiding principle, the Foundation promotes uniformity of state laws by making funds available for study, research and development, and educational efforts, carried out by, or in support of the activities of, the Uniform Law Commission.  When making direct grants or loans to the ULC, the Foundation supplements the funds provided to the ULC by its constituent governmental entities and other sources.