Permanent Editorial Board for Uniform Commercial Code


This Board is composed of members from the American Law Institute and the ULC. It also includes a Research Director. The Board continues to monitor current drafting activities of the Uniform Commercial Code. It also prepares commentaries and advises its member organizations on further changes needed in the Uniform Commercial Code.

Committee Members

Lance Liebman Chair
Boris Auerbach Member
Carl S. Bjerre Member
Patricia Brumfield Fry Member
Carlyle C. Ring Member
John A. Sebert Member
Edwin E. Smith Member
Thomas J. Buiteweg Division E Chair Member
E. Carolan Berkley ALI Member
Amelia H. Boss ALI Member
Teresa Wilton Harmon ALI Member
Stephanie Heller ALI Member
Steven O. Weise ALI Member
Carter H. Klein ABA Advisor
Norman M. Powell ABA Advisor
William H. Henning Emeritus Member
Fred H. Miller Emeritus Member
James J. White Emeritus Member
Neil B. Cohen Director of Research
Terry Morrow Staff Liaison
Katie Robinson Staff Liaison
John A. Sebert Staff Liaison