Manufactured Housing Act


The uncertainty about whether a manufactured home is characterized as “personal” or “real” property creates significant impediments to the financing of manufactured homes, particularly upon resale or attempts to re-finance, and also makes it difficult to securitize debt secured by manufactured homes. This Committee will draft an act on manufactured housing that will alleviate those problems and address at least the following issues: the appropriate characterization of manufactured housing as either personal property or real property, including in particular the point in time at which an interest in manufactured housing converts from a personal property interest to a real property interest; whether the fact that manufactured housing is located on leased land affects that characterization; the continued priority and appropriate characterization of security interests in manufactured housing after conversion; and appropriate transition provisions.

Committee Members

Carl H. Lisman Chair
Boris Auerbach Member
William R. Breetz Member
Thomas J. Buiteweg Member
Ellen F. Dyke Member
Thomas T. Grimshaw Member
Lawrence R. Klemin Member
Janice L. Pauls Member
Hiroshi Sakai Member
Edwin E. Smith Member
Cam Ward Member
Lane Shetterly Division F Chair Member
Ann M. Burkhart Reporter
Neil B. Cohen PEB Advisor
Cheryl A. Kelly ABA Advisor
John A. Sebert Executive Director
Benjamin Orzeske Staff Liaison